Sometimes, clients may leave their feedback regarding work done on their behalf. Feel free to read them testimonials, each meaning a great deal to us. We do encourage you to leave your testimonial here, so to help other prospective customer understand our commitment and expertise. Thank you!

John Sinicka

- missing person -

I want to thank you, Julian, for your professional work and commitment to our family’s project in Romania ! Your support was vital in finding Mike, and in understanding of what happened with him. Again, greatest thanks and God Bless!

Alexandra T.

- accident reporting -

Julian’s dedication to my case was the most important tool which unlocked the whole thing. His report on findings was accepted by the court of law here in Wales, and I have been successful in getting to the bottom of this affair. You are a star, Julian, thank you !

Erfurt GmbH

- due diligence -

Ihre kommerziellen Untersuchungen sind genau das, was wir brauchten, um unsere Entscheidung über das Unternehmen in Rumänien erforscht zu machen. Vielen Dank für Ihre Arbeit und wir werden Sie in Zukunft weiterhin anrufen.

Gamard Pharm

- trademark -

A travaillé très dur et professionnel afin de protéger notre commerce et la propriété en Roumanie. Son enquête est inégalée, et si vous avez besoin d’un bon enquêteur en Roumanie, n’hésitez pas à l’appeler immédiatement. Merci, JT!

Very good job, Julian. My company will use your services again, for work in Romania and Moldova. Again, thank you for your great work!

Mark Thornton, Alberta CA / Intellectual Property Protection

In bad need of someone to shed light onto some shady business in Moldova; Julian was amazing in providing the results, which made my decision easier and more important, an educated one. Many thanks, sir, kudos to you!

Thomas, Frankfurt DE / Enhanced Due Diligence

Our company was seeking support for professional background checks in Romania; Julian Tanase services were great, accurate and factual, with good value for money. His bulk prices are priceless, so to say. Will use again!

HR company, USA / Background Checks

Wonderful work on our project, with an in-depth research of the claims professionally done.

Clarice, Sidney AU / Insurance Claims investigation

Nous avons eu beaucoup de mal et nous avons subi de sérieuses pertes dans la branche roumaine de notre entreprise. Nous avons retenu les services de Julian Tanase pour trouver et documenter la fraude commise là. Il nous a fourni la preuve légale de la fin de ce problème. Nous recommandons Julian Tanase pour un tel travail en Roumanie. Nous vous remercions beaucoup pour votre professionnalisme!

M. Lefebvre, Montpellier FR / Corporate & Business Investigation

Ich kenne Julian seit einigen Jahren. Er war immer sehr professionell und auch ein toller Freund. Die Arbeit, die er für meine Firma leistete, war von entscheidender Bedeutung. Er verfügt über großes Know-how im Umgang mit kommerziellen Untersuchungen in Rumänien und Moldawien, wo wir seine Dienste für eine gute Anzahl oder Projekte. Vielen Dank, Julian!

Walter Reno, Munich DE / Commercial investigation

Siamo di lunga data i clienti di Mr. Tanase, e siamo molto soddisfatti del lavoro che fa per noi in Romania. Sulla base di Mr. Tanase rapporti, siamo in grado di verificare tutti i nostri candidati per le posizioni nelle nostre filiali in Romania e Repubblica Moldova. Buon lavoro, JT!

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