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My Minox journey continues…

A walk with Nikon FM3A

A walk with Nikon FM3A

Cloudy with hard sun every now and then. A walk with Nikon FM3A and Fomapan 100, random shooting.

Local park, flooded with shadows. The little black speck on the alley is the pine cone seen in the second photo here. The hard sun made me put a filter on, forgot to compensate though 🙂

“Aww, a little cone, he’s all alone, let’s take him home” – my daughter adopted this yesteryear pine off-spring.

I thought this to be interesting, at the time, you know…straws and country bokeh or something. And somehow this seemed important at the time, in my viewfinder. However, now that I am looking at this frame, it’s not at all Pulitzer material 🙂 I would say “au contraire”, rather a lousy job.

A bunch of something, showing the winter is ending (I guess).

Someone lit a fire near the wall and caused it to crack the layers of whatever that is. The heat encouraged a future tree to sprout in that place. Nature finds its course, even if roots will destroy the wall in 20-30 yrs time.

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