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Minox thermometers

22nd April 2019 minoxit 1 min read

Got lucky the other day with a good find, two pristine condition Minox thermometers, in their original cardboard casing. They are of the older model, the […]

Minox document copier

8th February 2019 minoxit 2 min read

As real Minox spy cameras have a minimum focussing distance of 20 cm, they are ideal for making close-ups of documents. In real life however, documents […]

Minox AG-1 flash battery

7th February 2019 minoxit 1 min read

Exell Alkaline Battery A220/504A, this is a battery which replaces the now-extinct Eveready 504, 15 Volts for Minox flash. The A220/504A fits the Minox flashgun for AG-1. […]

Mercury batteries today

7th February 2019 minoxit 1 min read

The now (for environmental reasons) banned mercury cells have caused problems for a lot of (vintage) camera and exposure meter owners who are now facing inaccurate […]

Minox tripod alternative

7th February 2019 minoxit 1 min read

Not many carry nowadays the Minox tripod, as it may be either cumbersome in some instances (although it is miniatural), or for ease of installing and […]

8×11 film cutter

4th February 2019 minoxit 1 min read

This film cutter was purchased as part of larger Minox stuff, some years ago. I have no idea if it comes from a Minox machinery from […]

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