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Azopan Microfilm with Minox

Azopan Microfilm with Minox

Found the time (finally) to cut some more 9.2mm film out of the Azopan Dokku (micro) film negative, and loaded a Minox LX with it. As I have said previously, I am not entirely certain on what this film can yield, so there you go, the no. 2 test. Film set at 25 ASA/14ISO, camera on automatic, most photographs taken under a so-and-so sky, light not too strong., most shots taken at 1/100 or thereabouts.

So, from what I understand, this film is a high contrast copy film, repurposed as pictorial film negative. I have seen this before, when the Copex appeared, and I am also no stranger to the Techpan 25 of yore. Imagelink HQ is on the same alley with this type of film too.

The speed I am using it is at 1 stop difference from the box speed, which is claimed to be 25ASA. For pictorial purposes I believe this film should also developed in a low contrast developer, thing that should work to bring down the high curves, most of the times. By looking on those steep curves on the histogram, one can feel the need to tame down the contrast quite a bit indeed.

The main issue when it comes to a copy film being used as a pictorial one is perhaps the lack of proper shades; given the copy film does not need to display anything else really besides black and white, the in between greys are few. Therefore, the tonalities may look strange to someone used to handle panchromatic normal negative.

Spectral sensitivity is also an interesting one: while the red and blue are almost not present, the lighter shades are provided by an acceptance of the yellow.

Definitely not a film to shoot indoors without flash. This shot was taken handheld, in the available light. While blacks are nice and shadows interesting, the lack of a tripod shows.

All shots were taken in the Republic of Moldova, at Nisporeni.

If you look up close, you can see why this film needs a low contrast developer. Even with the D76 processing, the contrast in this picture is not completely tamed. However, the remaining contrast is looking great, I think.