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Minox EC by night

Minox EC by night

Neuschotz Palace is a building in the center of the municipality Iasi, located on Cuza Vodă street, at number 2. Today, the building houses Restaurant Select. The palace was built in the middle of the 19th century as his residence Iacob Neuschotz, a Jewish banker. The building was declared a historical monument.

The building was built here as the residence of Jacob Neuschotz, a Jewish banker from Iași, between the middle and end of the 19th century. At the same time, the building was the headquarters of its own business, which took place here even towards the end of Neuschotz’s life, when he preferred to live in his villa on the hill Copou, „ Mon Repos ”.

Minox EC, loaded with Ilford FP125 @ 100

In addition to his career as a banker, Neuschotz was also a well-known benefactor and philanthropist in society . He also wanted to build a prayer space in the form of a mosaic temple. The town hall vehemently opposed the construction of a non-Christian place of worship near a Christian church across the street from St. Dumitru Balş, but allowed him to build a temple in his inner courtyard. Thus, between May and September 1865, Neuschotz raised Beth-Iacob Temple, facing the street.

In the past, the building has housed various shops. In addition, it hosted the old Kuperman Antiquarie. In 1910, building bodies were sold to the Financial Administration. Later, in 1944, during a bombing, the building was damaged, and the temple in the inner courtyard was destroyed and then completely demolished in the process of systematization of the neighborhood.

The architectural style combines traditional Romanian elements with influences from Austria and France and is specific to the last 20 years of the 19th century, being found in many public buildings and private homes of wealthy people. The building, restored in the contemporary period, stands out for its strong contrast of colors. The walls are colored in raspberry pink, the window dials are made of plaster, embossed, and are painted white, and the roof is metallic brown.

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