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Not much to say about this little camera. Produced around 1968 by the Romanian optical equipment factory IOR, sprots a fake meter, a FOTOCLAR 300 lens, f/40mm @ 2.8, manual winder/rewinder, a socket for B setting (accessible by release cable only), shutter speeds from 2.8 to 16, weather symbols, a zone focusing from 1 meter to infinity, both imperial and metric marked. A counter for the exposures taken is placed under the film winder, on the back. A flash shoe is fitted, but no sync socket. Camera body, top and bottom plates are plastic, black and a dirty grey. A lanyard socket is fitted onto the left side of camera, for such purpose.

I was the third or fourth in the line of cameras produced in Romania, ever. Not a grand success at the time, and now even less so, Sort of collectible by the period nostalgia gatherers. If found in decent to good condition, yields interesting results with both BW and color film.

As the origins of this camera are still debated by afficionados, you may make your own mind by reading this article of mine here.

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