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The Minox tripod is, without doubt, one of the most clever gadgets in the Minox spy camera range. It basically consists of two major accessories: the actual tripod, usually stored in a leather case, and a tripod adapter that allows a Minox subminiature camera to be mounted on top of it. In fact, the tripod can also be used on its own with any other camera.

The clever bit is in the contruction of the tripod. After unpacking it from its leather case, only a single leg with the tripod head is visible. The remaining parts are all stored inside this one leg. Each item is screwed in place and can be released individually.

After removing the other parts from the storage leg, there are four major components: three legs to form a tripod, and a shutter release cable. The two additional legs are mounted into the empty holes of the tripod head. Release the thickest leg somewhat to adjust the head.

A camera can now be mounted on top of the tripod. If a Minox subminiature camera is used, the additional Tripod Adapter is needed as well. It is mounted straight onto the tripod head. At the bottom of the adapter is a lock that has the same shape as the latch of the measuring chain. After removing the measuring chain, the camera can be fitted in the tripod adapter. The black rigged ring is used to lock the camera in place.

A movable bracket on the tripod adapter, allows the shutter release cable to be mounted and to be positioned right over the shutter release button. This way, the camera can be operated without touching it, which is ideal for taking low-light slow-shutter images.


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