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My Minox journey continues…

Minox tripod

Minox tripod

One of the most clever contraptions I have ever met. Made from steel, in satin or gloss chrome finish, the Minox tripod is a very interesting item to add to your collection if you have one, or to just use in the field, if need to or wish to experiment with this camera.

Basically, it is a metallic tube, with a ball socket on top of it. Within the tube, there are 3 more items: 2 other tubes and a cable release, all tucked away nicely inside. You just unscrew the 2 tubes from the main one, screw each onto the corresponding threaded holes on the ball socket, and that gives you a stable platform to shoot from. The release cable which you unscrew and take out from the thinnest tube, it’s for, well, releasing the camera button. How do you do that, you ask? Nothing simpler.

Tripod, all parts unscrewed from the main body.

To use a Minox camera with this tripod, you will need a tripod adapter, also manufactured by Minox; this is another clever contraption, where you fix your Minox camera and the entire thing is screwed onto the ball socket, where you will find a regular size/threaded bit.

Minox tripod adapter

Minox B camera, closed, clamped inside the tripod adapter, cable release screwed in.

Minox B camera, opened ready to shoot, cable release is now right above the button.

Once you did that, screw the release cable onto the release port and you’re good to snap your Minox camera. Have a look onto these diagrams here, they will clear up anything needing clarifications:

Tripod ready for action: all legs are locked in position, tripod adapter and camera are secured, cable is installed onto the adapter, ready to be fired. 

Minox made the leather(ette?) case in several color: black, red, green, brown. Here, from my collection, two cases, red and dark brown. The red has a satin-finish chromed tripod, the other one is a matte finish chrome.

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