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Minox vs. Yashica Atoron – 8×11 developing tanks

Minox vs. Yashica Atoron – 8×11 developing tanks

When it comes to processing your 8×11 tiny negatives, you’ll need a proper tank to do it. I do not mean necessarily a Minox tank (or a Yashica one), but a reel that takes the 9.2mm film strip is mandatory. And if this reel can be loaded in daylight, then things start to look all right.

There are people who would swear on the Minox tank, others will develop using only the Kinderman reel, or the new “Minox dev reel”, which these days appear to be 3D printed. I remember when I modified a Paterson 35mm reel to accept 9.2mm, and 16mm too, back in the day. But things are moving on, times are a’changing, that sort of stuff. Good times.

This is how a 3D model of a 9.2mm film dev reel looks like. It can be used with a regular developing tank, such as Paterson and (probably, I do not know) with the Nikkor steel tank and I guess Jobo tanks as well. There are encouraging reports from Minox users that the films processed in regular dev tanks are much better developed, as the design of the reel and the largeness of the tank itself allows better dilutions and such.

3D model – Minox format dev reel render (link here)

Anyways, regarding the old fashion developing tanks for 9.2mm film, these two models are the ones I am aware of, so far. I know there could be some other models out there, of which I haven’t heard mentioned.

They are not at all dissimilar: apparently the same material (some sort of bakelite), glossy when new, the same design for taking the spool inside and winding the film out from the cassette, daylight operation, steel clip at the bottom to hold the film leader pinned on the spool, spout (beaker style) for emptying the content.

Yashica Atoron 8×11 daylight developing tank

This model of a dev tank is really rare, I haven’t seen one for sale in a good 5 or so years. I believe they weren’t so many to begin with, and the reason is pretty simple, I guess the people who used Yashica already had access to a Minox tank. Why waste money on a new tank when you have the Minox one already, right?

Minox 8×11 daylight developing tank, 50 exp. reel

These old ones (Minox) are becoming scarcer by the day, and those sold on various sites are commanding amounts which have increased in the last years. The newer models (15/36 exp with the adapter) are sold for almost the same, but because they are probably a larger number out there, can be found much more easily. The kit comes with its own Minox thermometer, but many boxes are bereft of this item.

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