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Ride options in Vienna

Ride options in Vienna

Visiting Vienna is like returning somewhere for the first time. I know it does sound weird, but it is so nonetheless, because every time I come here I feel humbled by the magnitude of its past and present. Vienna is a city that does not let you forget for a single moment that it stood as the imperial capital of one of the oldest and largest empires of the world. The Habsburgs never left this city, nor its Roman emperors of old. And every time I have this feeling like I see the city for the first time.

This 4 photographs series is one that I composed after I scanned the film and discovered the images. These belong in a short series by itself, so here you go. I just hope you’ll like these ride options in Vienna.

Camera was an Olympus OM1 with Tri-X 400, shot and processed (D76) at 250.

Posh ride

Green ride

Futuristic ride

Jail ride

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