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My Minox journey continues…

Blue filter on Fomapan 100

Blue filter on Fomapan 100

I have never imagined this blue filter will render the images that it did, not with this film and to be honest, not with the sort of exposures I used. What I have to confess here and now is that all these shots were taken without any compensation whatsoever. Reason? Just wanted to see if the meter can work with the filter without me interfering with it. And, from what I see, it did so really nice.

The camera is a Nikon FM3A, nothing special. Although some of the shots have pretty shallow depth of field, I knew they will come out this way. The light that day was changing often, from overcast to bright sun, so for many shots I had to get as large an aperture I could. The lens, a Nikkor Micro 55mm/2.8 is a brilliant piece of glass, and the pictures here does not do enough justice, in my opinion.

The film was shot at 100 ASA, but processed at 50. Developed in D76 @ 20*C, dilution 1+1, stand dev with the first 30 secs tank inversion. Scanned on a Plustek 7200, very little (if any) adjustment of illuminance during the scan (SilverFast).

My daughter with her first SLR, an Olympus OM10 🙂


  1. Eugen Mezei says:

    Filtru albastru pt. alb-negru sau filtru de conversie pt. color? Acolo ar putea fi explicatia pt. efectul neasteptat.

    1. Pentru alb-negru.

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